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There is an industry-accepted system for evaluating someone’s credit score. It’s called FICO, and it gives a score based on such information as your payment history and how much money you owe today. Together, FICO comes up with a number. If that number is less than 620, it means your credit score is bad. There are ways to improve your score, but it takes time and determination.

Send your online inquiry to us at Urban Payday Loans and we will help you find out. We will share your loan request with a list of lenders who are lenient when it comes to credit types. You might not be able to get a loan from a conventional bank, but it is possible with online lenders. To find out how much you can get and when you can get it, submit your online inquiry form to us today. Let’s get going!

If you don’t need to get credit, your score might not be important to you. But the minute you ask for a loan or credit somewhere, it is an issue. When the person loaning you the money, your lender, looks at your poor payment history or the amount of money you owe people, you could be considered high risk. In short, the lender wants to make sure you will pay back any money you borrow. Fortunately, we have a list of lenders who also prepare loans for people with a bad credit record. To be connected to them, send us your online request form.

Yes, a credit score can be improved by taking a couple of simple steps. Oftentimes, if a person has a bad credit score it’s due to paying bills after their due date or not making payments at all. That is a sure way to give you a bad credit score. If that applies to you, then the best way to improve your score is to show a consistent record of paying bills on time. It might not improve in one or two months, but over time, if you are diligent to always pay on time then it will improve. The second factor that weighs heavily on your credit score is how much you are in debt. If you owe a lot of money, it can make you a poor credit risk. Take steps to get some of that debt paid off, and you should see an improvement in your credit rating.

Sure. If you want help finding ways to improve your credit, you can approach a financial advisor. There are private individuals and organizations who will help you. Find one that you trust and follow their advice. When you’re ready to request a payday loan, contact our team for help. Good luck!

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